Personal Library (PLibrary)

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        Personal Library (PLibrary) is an application to manage all your files in a central place. These files are from various sources, including hard disks from different computers, U-disks, portable disks, CDs, DVDs, and blue CDs. PLibrary imports all file information into one database and provides an easy way to manage the huge information. You may find your files among all these files from different sources in one search, even though the disk is not with you. You may also put important files into the many favorite folders, or create URL bookmarks and memorandums Independently.
        Version: v1.2.3
        Zip file: Download
        PAD file: Download

Lots of files!    Find your favorite one key only
on disks, U-disks, CDs?    No matter where it is

     PLibrary is green. Download it here and run it directly after unzip. It is freeware and there is no backdoor. Distribution and promotion are welcome. It supports multiply languages by adding language files. Translations of language files are greatly welcome.

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